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Sportstiks was delighted to be working with Dubai’s biggest mass participation cycling race, Spinneys Dubai 92 Cycle Challenge. Launching in 2010 it is now one of the Middle East’s premium sporting races and attracts thousands of cyclists from all around the world. After the cancellation of the 2020 race due to coronavirus, cyclists were keen to return to this popular event that now covered 94 km in the all-new route. In the main event, the men’s invitational field was won by 16-year-old Lance Lumanlan, while Helle Bachofen von Echt took first place in the women’s invitational category. Owen Ehlers and Michelle Lindqvist were crowned winners of the Dubai Big5 Challenge which also included the times across all four build up rides that led up to the main event.


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Sportstiks provided Spinneys 92 branded athlete ID to deliver a streamlined race day experience including race bibs and wristbands. Racking sticker sheets were also produced for the event, this form of race ID is used specifically in cycling races as they are applied to the bike and helmet. Along with the usual race ID, Sportstiks also created branded pouches to collate the race packs meaning race pack pick up was easy and efficient.

Digitally printed pouches are a great way of keeping race packs and race day information together and organised. They are completely customisable and can be made to fit whatever needs your race might have. Pouches can be used pre-race to contain athlete ID, race day timings, Sportstiks tattoo removal wipes, maps, freebie samples and more all while displaying sponsor logos, event branding, QR codes, event images or anything else you would like. They can also be used post-event by athletes to carry home race day keepsakes such as medals or T-shirts or even their wet kit or muddy trainers.

Pouches are available with or without a resealable zipper and in a range of sizes and materials (including recyclable and compostable options). They can also be produced with Euroslots (also known as hang holes) so they can be hung on rails making them even easier to be stored.

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