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Obstacle & Endurance

Obstacle course athlete identification – we’ve got your number! Whether you want adhesive race bibs, temporary tattoos or wristbands, Sportstiks products will cross the finish line with you.

Race bibs

Available as pin on or as adhesive, your race bibs will be bespoke to your event. There is no limitation on size, layout or design. Whatever you have in mind, we can print it.


Whether you want your competitors to be numbered on their skin or if you want to promote your event sponsor with temporary tattooed logos, Sportstiks tattoos are a great addition to muddy obstacle races. Apply to face or body – wherever you like!


Available in either Tyvec or Vinyl in a variety of colours. Variable data comes as standard if required i.e. athlete name, age category, start time, QR/barcodes etc.


With a massive full colour print area, our envelopes provide a veritable billboard of space for design. Race day instructions, maps, checklists… Whatever you have in mind, we can print it.

Collation/Fulfilment Services

We can collate all your items together into clear packs or printed envelopes that are ready to hand straight to the athletes at registration.


Cable ties, safety pins, tattoo removal wipes etc are all available too. If you can’t see what you need, just ask. If it’s athlete ID related, we can help!


Ready to get started?


If you want to know more about how Sportstiks can provide your event with bespoke athlete identification then drop us a line on +44 1277 281920 or email sales@sportstiks.co.uk. If you’d prefer us to call you then just complete the enquiry form and we will call you back.