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Passionate about providing you with exactly what you need for your event, we've lived and breathed (heavily) through all kinds of sports and OCR events and use the knowledge we've learned to your advantage.

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Steve Baker

Managing Director
Email: steve.baker@bakerlabels.co.uk
Phone: 01277 281920

Steve is a keen runner and occasional triathlete who is determined to bring style and quality to athlete ID. His idea to create the one-piece number tattoo sheet has revoluntionalised body marking, making SportstiksĀ® the leader in both conventional and innovative athlete ID. His unique ideas have simplified the “confetti” that used to be supplied on race day. He claims his best ideas are imagined during his runs so…RUN STEVE RUN!



Craig Page

Global Sales Executive

Email: craig.page@sportstiks.co.uk
Phone: 01277 281920

Arsenal supporting father of three, Craig loves nothing better than throwing himself at muddy obstacle courses! His race calendar is packed with challenges and gets fuller every year. If he’s not competing he’s cheering on his twin girls round the latest junior OCR courses…like father like daughters!

During cleaner moments he’s your man for all things technical – he’s the Sportstiks print, paper and self-adhesive material geek. Trust him, he’ll have great ideas on what’s best for your event.

Chris Payne

Global Sales Executive

Email: chris.payne@sportstiks.co.uk
Phone: 01277 281920

Chris in 3 words..Sporty, happy, hungry! Our very own ironman, Chris breaks up every work day with a quick lunchtime 10 miler* and returns to his desk fresh out the shower and rejuvenated. He’s a triathlon triumph that competes with the very best of them but is mostly consumed with a passion for defeating his brother Steve to win the much coveted annual Payno Family Cup. His proudest sporting achievement is smashing round the Great North Run aboard a ride-on dinosaur.

*ok not 10 miles every day but it’s more than everyone else..


Kirsty Dailly

PR and Marketing Manager

Email: kirsty.dailly@sportstiks.co.uk
Phone: 01277 281920

Kirsty enjoys taking part in the big showcase events like the Virgin Money London Marathon and Prudential Ride London 100 to fundraise for charity. More of a sporadic runner than a regular competitor but spread over a number of years she has good experience of what participants look for from event organisers and charities on race days.


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