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May Customer Events

May 2024
This month Sportstiks provided multiple products globally. From local events all the way to the other side of the world, there was something for everyone and every race.


Some events that Sportstiks supplied to this month.


Nordic Race Copenhagen
The ROC Tri
Rats Runners
Light on Tri
Bermuda Timing

Nordic Race Copenhagen

Photo Credit – Nordic Race

The Nordic Race Copenhagen is one of the most anticipated events in the OCR calendar. Known for its challenging course and scenic backdrop, this race draws in participants from all over the world to test their endurance, strength and determination.

Sportstiks provided essential items for the participants, including race bibs, race packs and wristbands for the event on the 4th of May. Our adhesive race bibs are designed to withstand the rigors of the race including mud, water and physical wear and tear. Alongside the race bibs our tyvec wristbands provided a comfortable and secure identification process for the participants.  The race packs included all necessary items for the participants. These packs were assembled to ensure racers had everything they needed for a successful race day.

The event highlighted not only the athletes grit and determination but also the importance of planning a top-notch event on such a large scale.

Race bibs at Nordic Race
Sportstiks products at Nordic Race
Race bibs and wristbands at Nordic Race
Team work at OCR event

The ROC Tri

Photo Credit – THE ROC

The ROC Triathlon is a standout event based in England, Scotland and Wales. Renowned for its rigorous course and competitive spirit, athletes come from all over the world to push their limits in swimming, cycling and running.

On the 10th of May, Sportstiks provided temporary tattoos and tri-sets. Our double set tattoos ensured quick and easy identification of athletes throughout the race. They remained intact and visible through each part of the triathlon. Our tri-sets are tear resistant, waterproof and durable which made them perfect for The ROC Tri.

The ROC Triathlon participants were able to focus on their performance knowing they were equipped with the best gear. Our products contributed to the smooth and efficient organisation of the event.

Temporary tattoos at The ROC
Tri-sets at The ROC
Smiling at the finish line at The ROC
Sportstiks tattoos at The ROC

Rats Runners

Photo Credit – Rats-Runners

Rats-Runners is a family-friendly cross country obstacle race held in Southern Germany. Known for its inclusive atmosphere, the course is designed for both adults and children including a KIDS RUN for younger participants.

Sportstiks provided race bibs for the Buhleretann event on the 5th of May to ensure easy identification and tracking of participants throughout the course. The bibs are made from an adhesive material making them durable throughout the race maintaining through the toughest conditions.

Rats-Runners events continue to provide an excellent experience for all participants making the overall enjoyment of the challenging obstacle course.

Race-bibs at OCR event
Group of ladies before OCR event
Smiles in the rain at OCR event
Sportstiks race bibs at Rats-Runners

Light on Tri

Photo Credit – Manuel GRIMM

The Light on Triathlon Woippy took place on the 19th of May, held near Metz and Nancy France. This event features both S and M distance triathlons, offering athletes a challenging and scenic course that includes swimming, cycling and running.

Sportstiks provided temporary tattoos for the event. The double set tattoos essential details such as race numbers to allow easy and quick athlete identification and the tattoo also had the events logo.

Designed to endure swimming, cycling and running these tattoos helped streamline the race logistics and contributed to the overall efficiency and success of the event.

Transitions at Light On Tri
Temporary Tattoos at Light On Tri
Sportstiks products at Light On Tri
Smiling while cycling

Bermuda Timing

Photo Credit – Bernews Photos

The Bermuda Timing Half Marathon Derby and the Waterfront Wellness Run are key events in Bermuda’s running scene. Drawing participants from near and far to compete and celebrate.

On the 14th of May Sportstiks provided race bibs for the Waterfront Wellness Run, a community focused event promoting health and wellness. The scenic route along Bermuda’s waterfront attracted both seasoned runners and newcomers.

On May 24th, we also supplied race bibs for the Half Marathon Derby, an iconic event celebrating its 115th year. The Derby began in 1909 as a competition between British Soldiers and locals. This year 1,180 runners participated, a significant number given Bermuda’s population of 60,000.

Sportstiks race bibs ensured easy identification and durability, contributing to the successful organisation of both events.

Bermuda Half Marathon Derby
Start of the Waterfront Wellness Run
Race bibs at the Bermuda Half
Bermuda Waterfront Wellness Run

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