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How To Get a Sponsor For a Sports Event

Jun 9, 2023 | Athlete ID, Organising an event

Organising a successful sports event requires careful planning, efficient execution, and robust financial support. Sponsorships play a pivotal role in providing the necessary resources to elevate your event and enhance the participant experience. In this blog post, we will explore the key steps to acquire a sponsor for a sports event and how Sportstiks can help you showcase sponsor logos.

Define Your Sponsorship Goals

Before approaching potential sponsors, clearly define your sponsorship goals. Determine what you aim to achieve through partnerships, whether it’s funding specific event aspects, increasing brand visibility, or building long-term relationships. Having well-defined goals will help you tailor your pitch and attract sponsors that align with your event’s vision and objectives.

Identify Target Sponsors

Conduct thorough research to identify potential sponsors that resonate with your event’s target audience and align with its values. Look for companies or organisations that have an interest in the sports or fitness industry. You could also look at local businesses and non-profit organisations that may want to increase their profile in the local community. You can see the different types of sponsorship here.

Craft a Compelling Sponsorship Proposal

Create a persuasive sponsorship proposal (see templates) that outlines the benefits and value your event can offer to potential sponsors. Highlight the unique aspects of your event, its expected reach and attendance, and the demographics of your target audience. Emphasise the branding opportunities available through your promotional products . For example your banners and race bibs could prominently feature sponsor logos, providing high visibility throughout the event and in event photos and videos.

Customise your Athlete ID with Sponsor Logos

Personalised athlete ID such as Race Bibs, Tattoos, Race Pack Pouches and Wristbands can be printed to feature the sponsor’s logo and name. This presents an excellent opportunity to showcase sponsors and give them prominent exposure during the event. The race bibs become a moving billboard, ensuring the sponsor’s brand is seen by participants, spectators, and in event media coverage. Sportstiks’ high-quality printing and customisation options make it easy to create visually appealing race bibs that incorporate sponsor branding seamlessly.

Offer Sponsorship Packages

Develop tiered sponsorship packages (how to design a package) that cater to different budgets and objectives. Include a range of benefits such as logo placement on race bibs, brand mentions in event promotional materials, signage opportunities, VIP experiences, and social media exposure. By offering a variety of sponsorship options, you can accommodate different sponsor needs and increase the likelihood of securing partnerships.

Foster Strong Sponsor Relationships

Building lasting relationships with sponsors is crucial for the long-term success of your sports event. Ensure you deliver on the commitments outlined in your sponsorship agreements and go the extra mile to provide value. Collaborate with sponsors on promotional activities, engage their employees or representatives in event-related initiatives, and acknowledge their support publicly. Sportstiks’ customisable race bibs not only benefit sponsors but also enhance the overall participant experience, creating a positive association with the sponsoring companies.

Creating a sponsorship strategy for your sports event is a collaborative effort that requires careful planning, effective communication, and creative thinking. By leveraging Sportstiks’ customisable race bibs as a sponsorship asset, you can offer sponsors a powerful branding opportunity while enhancing the participant experience. Craft compelling proposals, identify the right sponsors, and build strong relationships to ensure ongoing support for your event. Remember, the partnership between your event and sponsors should be mutually beneficial, creating a win-win situation that contributes to the success and growth of your sports event.

Are you considering becoming a sponsor for a sports event?


Sportstiks has experience in sponsoring sporting events such as North Devon Junior Triathlon, we have also been a title sponsor of Brentwood Half Marathon for the past 5 years.

There are many ways you can help support an event such as sponsoring/manning a water station, donating the prize money/trophies or paying for specific items such as the finisher Tshirts or medals. Supporting an event doesn’t have to strictly be finacial aid. You can also offer your support through helping with the event organisation, promotion or you could provide your services for free.

Supporting an event is a great way of gaining visibility. When it is in your local area you will be raising your community image and it could serve as a valuable way of attracting new employees. When you are supporting an event that fits within your market, it is a direct approach of targeting your audience and raising your brand image.

Race Bibs by Sportstiks

About us

Sportstiks are experts at athlete ID. We have supplied our products to events around the globe, including but not limited to the Olympics, the Commonwealth Games, ITU events and man Ironman locations.

Race bibs

Our race bibs are completely customisable and variable data comes as a standard. There is no limitation on size, layout or design.

Whatever you have in mind, we can print it.

  • Pin on or adhesive race bibs can include:
  • Event logo
  • Sponsor logo
  • Supported charity logo
  • Key event messaging
  • Tear-off baggage tags
  • Perforated sections (to use as vouchers)
  • Reverse print for athlete medical information and emergency contact details.
  • Athlete name

Our race bibs are made from tear resistant, waterproof Tyvec – the preferred choice for all endurance events due to its superior durability, (contact us for info on alternative materials).Our pin on race bibs can also also be recycled via HDPE kerbside stream. Athletes in the UK can discard their bibs with their household kerbside recycling.

Photo credit Will Harper-Penrose

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