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North Devon Junior Triathlon

14th may 2023

Sportstiks at West Buckland Junior Triathlon

Sportstiks supported the first ever North Devon Junior Triathlon. We did this by providing athlete ID such as tattoos, race bibs and tri sets stickers to help with the smooth running of the event. Participants ranged from 8 to 17 years old and it was open to all kids in North Devon, with free admission. The event was organised by the North Devon Tri Club and took place at West Buckland School.

A huge thank you to Sportstiks for sponsoring the children at the first ever North Devon Junior Triathlon. It was an absolutely fantastic day and the children loved every moment of it and felt like real champions with all the professional tattoos and stickers.

Caroline Bramwell

Chair, North Devon Tri Club

Sportstiks provided Race Bibs, Tattoos and Tri sets to the event

Junior Triathlon
Triathlon athlete id
Temporary triathlon tattoo for junior sport event
Temporary Triathlon tattoos
Tattoos and helmet stickers for triathlon

Credit for photos Will Harper-Penrose

Temporary tattoo for swimming

Congratulations to the organisers and competitors

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