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Our guide to apply and remove race tattoos


How to apply your race tattoos

Separate – along the perforated line

Peel – take off the clear protective layer

Stick – put the sticky side on your skin with the arrows pointing up

Saturate – soak the tattoo backing and wait…

Slide – place your hand over the backing, when it’s ready it will slide off leaving perfect race ID

Allow a minute or two to dry and you’re ready to race 

How to remove your race tattoos

Wipe – we can supply these with your tattoo order or you can order them separately

Baby Oil – massage with oil, wipe with a dry cloth and repeat as necessary

Vaseline – same as above really!

Olive oil – come to think of it, anything oily!

Eye make-up remover pads – yep!

Alcohol – the pure stuff, don’t waste your good wine

No scrubbing required

Watch it done

Ok we maybe need to update this video but the message is still good!


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