Duncan Grant

What time are you pacing?

2hr:00 9:10 min/mile

How many half marathons have you run, including how many Bentwood Half Marathons?

Brentwood twice, the first was in 2016 aged 60, when I ran for SNAP. Since then I have run 10 others including, Royal Parks, Southend on Sea & St Albans

What are your PBs

My half marathon Pb is 1:45:44

Why are you a runner?

Simply because I enjoy the freedom of running outside and of course it keeps me fit.

What running moment are you most proud of?

Running my first half marathon in 2016

How do you stay motivated to keep running?

Just simply enjoy running.

Anything else you’d like people using your pace to know about you?

Feel free to speak to me. I’m there to help get the runners a new Pb themselves and I’ll do my utmost for them to do just that. When I’m pacing I like to keep everybody happy, so I want enjoy the event as well, make sure you use all our enthusiasm to help others. If I’m happy then hopefully this will help inspire other runners to keep going through the tough bits.